Thermowade TW07 Temperature Sensitive Folding Wading Staff+Gear-Keeper Retractor


Simple to use Thermo-WADE allows the astute angler to record and hold water and air temperatures against time and date for up to 10 readings at a time while wading – at the touch of a button. Back LED lighting for dusk and night fishing, and temperature change alerts for pre-set temperature ranges makes this device a must have for anglers who want to know their micro environment. Many aquatic species suspend and hatch within a specific temperature range, whether your quarry is a brownie on summer’s night on caddis or a warm watered – bone fish hunting in an  optimum 75 F. The TW07 helps reveal micro- thermoclines in your waters.


Temperature sensitive wading staff
Temperature sensitive wading staff (One set of batteries included)


Gear-Keeper retractor
Great tool to help you not to loose your staff!

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 36 × 10 × 7 cm


  1. Tom Ski

    Love this product and concept, once and a while a truly innovative product hits the fly fishing community – this is it!
    Indeed ‘wading will never be the same’

    Good solid staff took a few attempts to get the hang of it, but use to it now
    Extremely comfortable handle
    Temperature reading accurate and good to show water temps when out I’m guiding with clients
    Watch out for the 8 hour auto power off – I guess this is to conserve battery life
    Gear Keeper re-tractor a nice touch

    Tom – Montana Fishing guide

  2. ohnny Galje Alexandersson‎

    Thank you for the amazingly quick delivery and fine wading rod! And so a small greeting from Em river in Sweden

    Sincerely, Johnny

  3. Richie

    I had never seen anything like this before in any stores so I took a chance when ordering,I have to say you get a lot of wading staff for your money with the Thermowade.
    Took me a few uses to get the hang of it a bit like my watch 🙂 but love it now great for recording air and water bottom temps on my small river at a touch of a button. The ratio differences of air to water are offering me good info and I think this will become more important as I fish through the year.
    The Gear Keeper retractor that came with it is useful for keeping the staff out of my way clipped on my back, and been able to tell the time without unclipping my wading jacket sleeve for my watch is another benefit of this amazing stick. One can tell this was designed by lads that actually fly fish!
    Overall a nice bit of kit -Well done!

    Richard Lennon

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