Sale! Smart Bottle Holder
H2GO Smart Bottle Carrier
Smart innovative bottle holder, a must when out and about freeing up your hands...
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Sale! Power Band
Thermo-WADE® Power-Band
Black expandable silicone power band with negative ion known to promote stability and strength during activities Hologram one side & Thermo-WADE logo on the other side
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Sale! Mosquito Head Net
Midge & Mosquito Head Net
If you've ever been attacked, yes attacked by a swarm of midges or flies by the water you know it's not fun while out for an evening's fishing There is no sales pitch needed here - it's functional that's all you need to know!   Protection from midges, flies and mosquito
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Wading accessories
Sure WADE Adhesive High Density stability wading staff wraps (Packs of 3 x 20g) Keeps your wading staff where it belongs in fast water: the river bed! Offers safety and confidence while wading . Works with any wading staff, can be removed without damage Perfect for traction in fast waters  with a light fold-able staff
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Wading boot grips
Extreme Wading Boot Grips

Extreme Boot grips with easy silicone attachment – one size fits all ideal for extra traction on the river bed/bank when needed. Will work with shoes and boots in icy conditions  

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Sale! Light yet strong fish design Lanyard
Polaroid Glasses Fish Design Lanyard -Tarpon
Always have your glasses at hand, whether out on the water or out and about.
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